2013 Idaho Regional Travel And Convention Grant Program Application
Grant Name: Pioneer Country Travel Council
Application Type: Regional Application Region: 5
Organization's Legal Name (as recorded on the non-profit incorporation papers):
Pioneer Country Travel Council
Chief Official:  Mark Lowe Title:President
PO Box 669 
430 E. Main 
City: Lava Hot Springs State: ID Zip: 83246
Grant Manager (if awarded):  Destiny Egley Title:Grant Administrator
PO Box 669 
430 E. Main Street 
City: Lava Hot Springs State: ID Zip: 83246
Phone:2087765221 Fax:2087765273 E-Mail:destiny.egley@lava.idaho.gov
Describe how the financial resources will be monitored by your organization
PCTC Inc. has a grant administrator. It is this persons duty to track all billings, make payments with a secondary signature, make grant funding requests and monitor all financial actions of the council. The Council is given a monthly financial statement to review. The grant administrator is currently Destiny Egley. The books of this council are reviewed on a yearly basis by a CPA and an Audit will be performed each year. ITC Narrative Reports will be provided as outlined in ITC guidelines.

ITC Dollars Requested: $141,600.00 Total Match: $17,325.00
Signature of Organization's Certified Chief Official:  Mark Lowe

Element 1
Title: Audit
An independent Compliance Audit is required when a grant award meets or exceeds one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000). Funds awarded for the audit will be used for that purpose only and cannot be shifted into other elements. Any unspent funds remaining will revert back to the region's funding pool for the following year.

The audit shall be performed by a Certified Public Accountant and submitted to the Idaho Dept. of Commerce, Tourism Development Grant Analyst, within sixty (60) days following the authorization of the last request for funds dispersal. When the final request for funds - which will include the auditor's invoice, a copy of the audit report, final narrative report, and declaration of capital outlay is received, the grant will be closed if the match obligation has been met.

ITC Requested:  $3,000.00    Total Match:  $0.00    Total Cost:  $3,000.00

Element 2
Title: Admin/Fulfillment
This element will include an amount equal to ten percent (10%) of the amount awarded, up to $25,000. This ten percent (10%) is to be used for:

1) Fufilling requests for information and publications generated by the ITC-funded marketing plan.

2) The cost of mailing requests for funds and other direct costs incurred related to the grant award.

Audit/Fulfillment will be calculated for each request for funds and reimbursed with no further documentation from the grantee. No additional administration or fulfillment amounts will be awarded, nor can funds be shifted into or out of this element.

ITC Requested:  $12,600.00    Total Match:  $0.00    Total Cost:  $12,600.00

Element 3
Title: Regional Advertising
Placement and design of print, radio and internet ads per ITC guidelines in media outlets such as but not limited to State Co-Ops-Idaho State Travel Guide and AAA Tour Book, Advertising in Boise Weekly, Salt Lake City Visitors Guide and SLC media outlets, American Road Magazine, American Birding Magazine, Trout Unlimited Magazine, Bird Watchers Digest, The Go Travel Sites, Snow Scoop Magazine and website, SnoWest Magazine and website, Outdoor Utah, Utah Family Magazine, Mormon Times, Zions Community Magazine, Dirt Toys, Flickr, YouTube, Video production and others as they become available during the grant cycle. Match will come from advertising discounts and joint ads with other co-ops such as but not limited to Lava Hot Springs Foundation, Downata Hot Springs, Idaho Potato Museum, Lava Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce and it's members, Bear River Heritage Area and Pocatello area businesses. Ads will be designed aggressively to develop more recreation get-a-ways, family reunions, company retreats, special events and vacations during the off season months. Providing destinations on the way to Yellowstone National Park and Jackson Hole promoting travel and tourism throughout Southeast Idaho increasing overnight stays.

ITC Requested:  $55,000.00    Total Match:  $9,825.00    Total Cost:  $64,825.00

Element 4
Title: Consumer Travel Shows & Convention Promotion
Per Idaho Travel Council grant rules, Pioneer Country Travel Council will attend travel shows such as, but not limited to Morris Murdock Travel Show in SLC, UT and St. George, UT, AAA Arizona Highways Travel Show in Phoenix, AZ, The Sportsmans Show in Denver, CO and RV Show in Salt Lake City, UT and Utah Travel Expo in Ogden, Ut. Travel shows allow us to feature everything Southeast Idaho has to offer and attract the group and leisure market as well as the sports/recreational consumers. PCTC co-ops with a variety of entities Idaho Fish & Game, Region 6 Travel Council, Lava Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce, Bear Lake CVB, Idaho Bed & Breakfast Association and the Pocatello area businesses which allows us to increase our exposure allowing us to better promote not only Southeast Idaho but other regions in our state. The funds requested are to pay for registration/booth fees, furnishings rental, shipping of materials when necessary, travel, per diem, and lodging for our representatives per ITC State Guidelines. Booth display updates and/or replacement of displays including graphic design for the displays may be needed as well.

ITC Requested:  $14,000.00    Total Match:  $500.00    Total Cost:  $14,500.00

Element 5
Title: Website & Social Media
This element is to fund the services needed to keep Pioneer Country Travel Council's website up and functioning properly, including, but not limited to, internet web page hosting service, web page maintenance, web page development/enhancement, maintenance of the adventure map, creation of online itineraries to enhance the adventure map and creation of e-mail newsletters and services done by the Webmaster. PCTC will be active in Internet marketing with Social-media management and search engine optimization including, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. PCTC intends to aggressively market the website via mechanisms such as, but not limited to, keyword purchases, Google search engines, The Go-Travel Sites and creation of downloadable photos and videos for our website utilizing the Idaho Travel Councils Media Room on the Idaho State Travel Council website.

ITC Requested:  $15,000.00    Total Match:  $0.00    Total Cost:  $15,000.00

Element 6
Title: Regional Brochures & Brochure Distribution
This element would be used to fund the design and printing of brochures within the region and to update and reprint the Regional Visitors Guide to Southeast Idaho brochure and any other PCTC regional brochure needed throughout the grant year. PCTC will print Visitor Itineraries for the Southeast Idaho region and Trail maps for Hiking, Biking and Off-Road trails providing information to our consumers. PCTC distributes on an average of 75,000 – 90,000 brochures per year. This is our most popular brochure giving a little taste of everything Southeast Idaho has to offer.

Pioneer Country Travel Council proposes to distribute over 30,000 of PCTC’s Regional Visitors Guide to Southeast Idaho brochure through a contract with Certified Folder a brochure distribution service to target visitors in places such as, but not limited to, the Wasatch Front in SLC, UT, Park City, Utah, West Yellowstone Wyoming, Montana, Twin Falls and Boise area in hotels, visitor centers, attractions, car rental agencies, and other related sites by placing this brochure in the visitor information racks at approximately over 350 sites.
PCTC assists in reprinting community brochures for the small communities in Region 5. This element to fund no more than 50% of their project costs. PCTC may require brochures produced to include regional attractions, activities, maps and events. Co-op funds will help produce, design and print these brochures from individual communities within the region. All related administrative and publication grant rules of ITC will be followed including 50% cash match. All our regional brochures are available online.

ITC Requested:  $25,000.00    Total Match:  $5,000.00    Total Cost:  $30,000.00

Element 7
Title: International Marketing
The funds requested are to target the international market to visit Idaho through print and internet/social media marketing. The funds requested may be used at International Marketing Shows such as, but not limited to, Rocky Mountain International (RMI) Round-Up, Go West Summit, American Bus Association (ABA) and other International Forums which may result in FAM Trips. Development and print material including market media will be used by a PCTC representatives including registration and sponsorship costs, travel, per diem, and lodging per ITC State Guidelines. Advertising such as but not limited to Trip Advisor – Brand USA co-op and/or other opportunities as they arise.
PCTC is also focusing on increasing our exposure to the Canadian traveler using the I-15 corridor by advertising in international publications and websites determined to have the greatest reach such as but not limited to The Westworld Magazine and The Calgary Herald and co-op with Idaho B & B Association as done in the past or with other grantees attending trade shows to maximize grant dollars. Match may be generated from regional organizations in Idaho that would like to co-op with PCTC in publications and/or trade shows.
PCTC would like to purchase current technology for the Regions representatives use for presentations, meetings, and demonstrations outside of the office to enable us to be mobile and present with information attractively and persuasively at International and Consumer travel shows. The purchase will comply with all ITC requirements for Capital Outlay purchases. The charges would include screen protectors, protective accessories as well as data charges.

ITC Requested:  $15,000.00    Total Match:  $2,000.00    Total Cost:  $17,000.00

Element 8
Title: Training
This element would be used to fund training opportunities and registration fees for PCTC’s representatives to attend the Idaho Conference on Recreation & Tourism and The Idaho Travel Council Grant Summit and other trainings as approved by the ITC. These trainings will benefit the Idaho Travel Council and Pioneer Country Travel Council. Interested parties would be given the opportunity to attend. Travel, per diem, and lodging per ITC State Guidelines will be followed.

ITC Requested:  $2,000.00    Total Match:  $0.00    Total Cost:  $2,000.00

*Element detail is generated automatically based on information provided in the application. Audit costs must be included in your budget proposal if the ITC grant award total is $100,000.00 or more. (An Audit may be required at the discretion of the ITC, if ITC funding is less that $100,00.00). Audits are exempt from match requirements.

ElementTotal Project CostMatching ShareITC Grant Request
1) Audit$3,000.00$0.00$3,000.00
2) Admin/Fulfillment$12,600.00$0.00$12,600.00
3) Regional Advertising$64,825.00$9,825.00$55,000.00
4) Consumer Travel Shows & Convention Promotion$14,500.00$500.00$14,000.00
5) Website & Social Media$15,000.00$0.00$15,000.00
6) Regional Brochures & Brochure Distribution$30,000.00$5,000.00$25,000.00
7) International Marketing$17,000.00$2,000.00$15,000.00
8) Training$2,000.00$0.00$2,000.00

It is hereby mutually agreed upon and understood the use of these funds will be for the purposes stated in this document only and are subject to, and will comply with, the terms of the current rules & guidelines of the Idaho Regional Travel and Convension Grant Program, Idaho Dept. of Commerce, as signed by the authorized individuals.

Appropriate credit logos must appear on all plans funded by the ITC for reimbursement. Refer to IDAPA

The total of cash match should meet or exceed the total match obligation.

The organization has received cash match commitment from the organizations listed below. Written letters of cash match commitment are stored by the organization and available for review.

ContributorCash Match
(12.5% of Match obligation)
Various partners including, Lava Hot Springs Foundation, LHS Chamber, Bear River Heritage Area, Downata Hot Springs, Oregon Trail Center, Regional Chambers, Portneuf Greenway Foundation and Pocatello$17,325.00