2013 Idaho Regional Travel And Convention Grant Program Application
Grant Name: Snake River Territory Convention & Visitors Bureau
Application Type: Local Application Region: 6
Organization's Legal Name (as recorded on the non-profit incorporation papers):
Snake River Convention & Visitors Bureau
Chief Official:  Kerry McCullough Title:Ms.
425 N. Capital Ave. 
City: Idaho Falls State: ID Zip: 83405
Grant Manager (if awarded):  Sue Christensen Title:Ms.
425 N. Capital Ave. 
PO Box 50498 
City: Idah Falls State: ID Zip: 83405
Phone:523-1010 Fax:523-2255 E-Mail:officemgr@idahofallschamber.com
Describe how the financial resources will be monitored by your organization
Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce hiring new CEO, on job by August. CEO is Chief Official for ITC Grant, responsible for monitoring resources. Chamber Board reviews financials monthly. Bookkeeping (bank reconciliations, invoices AR/AP) outsourced to Rudd & Co. CPAs ensures separation of financial duties. Checks over $2,500 require two signatures (CEO and Exec. Board Member). Personal expenditures must have itemized receipts for reimbursement. Annual audit by Galusha Higgins & Galusha.

ITC Dollars Requested: $127,559.00 Total Match: $15,600.00
Signature of Organization's Certified Chief Official: Kerry McCullough

Element 1
Title: Audit
An independent Compliance Audit is required when a grant award meets or exceeds one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000). Funds awarded for the audit will be used for that purpose only and cannot be shifted into other elements. Any unspent funds remaining will revert back to the region's funding pool for the following year.

The audit shall be performed by a Certified Public Accountant and submitted to the Idaho Dept. of Commerce, Tourism Development Grant Analyst, within sixty (60) days following the authorization of the last request for funds dispersal. When the final request for funds - which will include the auditor's invoice, a copy of the audit report, final narrative report, and declaration of capital outlay is received, the grant will be closed if the match obligation has been met.

ITC Requested:  $3,000.00    Total Match:  $0.00    Total Cost:  $3,000.00

Element 2
Title: Admin/Fulfillment
This element will include an amount equal to ten percent (10%) of the amount awarded, up to $25,000. This ten percent (10%) is to be used for:

1) Fufilling requests for information and publications generated by the ITC-funded marketing plan.

2) The cost of mailing requests for funds and other direct costs incurred related to the grant award.

Audit/Fulfillment will be calculated for each request for funds and reimbursed with no further documentation from the grantee. No additional administration or fulfillment amounts will be awarded, nor can funds be shifted into or out of this element.

ITC Requested:  $11,324.00    Total Match:  $0.00    Total Cost:  $11,324.00

Element 3
Title: Industry Marketplace/Professional Development
The SRTCVB will attend, but is not limited to the following shows in an effort to convince tour planners and travel planners to include the Idaho Falls area in their agendas. The funds requested are to pay for registration/booth rental, furnishings rental, travel, per diem and lodging per ITC State guidelines.

Sports Marketing - A new component of SRTCVB marketing strategy is to aggressively work to increase the number of sports events and sports meetings held in Eastern Idaho. Grant funds in this element will be used to attend appropriate sports markets, place advertising in sports publications and directories, and cover qualified costs for travel on sales missions. We look to co-op with the State Tourism Division on at least one of these conference/expo’s. Sports Travel Markets (include, but not limited to) TEAMS, National Association of Sports Commissions Symposium, etc.

One person to attend.

TEAMS Estimated Cost
Registration = $1095.00
Air Travel = $500
Hotel $175 per night(with Taxes) 5 nights = $875.00

NASC Estimated Costs
Registration = $1,500.00
Air Travel = $500
Hotel = $1,000

TOTAL: $5,500.00

Travel and Adventure Shows:
Given Idaho Falls Airport has expanded its air travel market to California with both United and Allegiant Airlines, it has been discussed with both the Teton Valley and Yellowstone Teton Territory that we actively pursue this market as Californians are vastly becoming more and more interested in Eastern Idaho and our nearby National Parks. The IFCVB would represent the three entities, Teton Valley, YTT and Idaho Falls in a collaborative effort.

Attendance by one person:

Los Angeles Estimated Costs
Registration: $3225.00
Air Travel: $500.00
Hotel: $600.00
Meals $150.00

San Francisco Estimated Costs
Registration: $3225.00
Air Travel: $500.00
Hotel: $600.00
Meals: $150.00

TOTAL: $9,000.00

Professional Development: In an effort to stay current on travel and marketing trends as well as staying current on ITC Grant guidelines, SRTCVB staff will attend both the Idaho Conference on Tourism and the Annual Grant Summit. Funds requested are for registration, travel and lodging expenses.

TOTAL: $1400.00

ITC Requested:  $11,900.00    Total Match:  $5,350.00    Total Cost:  $17,250.00

Element 4
Title: Advertising
The primary goal of the IFCVB is to utilize strategically developed, themed marketing campaigns to gain awareness about Idaho Falls, Idaho

A.) Billboard Placement – Our goal is to continue with a proven billboard marketing campaign along Interstate 15 northbound from Tremonton, Utah to Idaho Falls, Idaho. Location & rental rates are as follows (rental rates are subject to change, Totals for each board are a estimate)

1. Tremonton, UT (14’ x 48’) $540.00 x 12 months = $6,500
2. Arimo, ID (25’ x 40’) $940.00 x 12 months = $11,000.00
3. Fort Hall, ID (14’ x 48’) $650.00 x 12 months = $8,000.00
4. Bonneville County, ID $772.00 x 12 months = $9,300.00

Other strategically placed billboards promoting cultural destinations such as the Museum of Idaho in key markets such as Jackson, WY and Salt Lake City, UT include but not limited to
5. US Highway 26, ID (14’x48’) 565 x 12 months =$6,700.00
6. Salt Lake City, UT (14’ x 48’) 525 x 12 months = $6,300.00
TOTAL $48,000.00

Vinyl & Copy for updated Changes to boards that require change $100.00 x 2 boards = $2,000.00

TOTAL for Billboard Campaign $50,000.00
Justification for Billboards:
According to Arbitron 71% of motorists often look at messages on billboards, while 37% look at billboard each or most times. Vehicle counts from the Idaho and Utah Transportation Departments show traffic counts past the 4 billboards on I-15 total 109,000 vehicles per day or 39,785,000 per year. Multiply that by the 37% of people who look at billboards each time or most times and you get 14,720,450 quality views per year. The calculation below shows our cost per 1,000 views.

- 109,000 views per day
- 39,785,000 per year x 37% = 14,720,450
- $2.36 per 1000 views

The Museum of Idaho has surveyed nearly 11,000 visitors about marketing. 40% of respondents said they found out about the museum through billboard ads.


Meeting Planners Advertisements: The SRTCVB will advertise in media applications such as print and web that are associated with the meeting planner market to promote Idaho Falls and the surrounding as a convention destination. These publications may include: Association Meetings, Corporate Meetings and Incentives, Medical Meetings, Religious Conference Manager, Technology Meetings, publications associated with Meeting Planner Marketplaces attended the SRTCVB staff, and others as opportunities arise.
TOTAL: $10,000.00

Group Travel Planners Advertisements: The SRTCVB will advertise in such media applications such as print and web that are associated with the group travel planner market to promote Idaho Falls and the surrounding area as a group travel destination. These publications may include: Leisure Group Travel, Travel Trips, Leisure Travel Directories, publications associated with group travel meetings attended by the SRTCVB staff, and others as opportunities arise.
TOTAL for Group Travel Advertisements: $10,000.00

Online Advertising through Social Media: The SRTCVB will take advantage of the ever growing social media market such as Facebook, Trip Advisor, Google, etc. and apply their strategic marketing efforts to focus on individuals who have interests in outdoor activities, National Parks, etc. as well areas that have air service to and from Idaho Falls Regional Airport.
TOTAL for Online Advertising through Social Media: $10,000.00

General Consumer Advertising The SRTCVB will advertise in diverse general consumer publications and regional newspapers to encourage visits to Idaho Falls and Eastern Idaho. These ads will target potential travelers including families, older Americans, recreation enthusiasts and potential event attendees. Ads will be placed in publications such as AAA Tour Book, National Geographic Traveler, True West, Good Housekeeping, Madden Media Newspaper inserts, America’s Best Vacations, Northwest Palate, in-flight publications and regional newspapers and/or publications reaching our target markets.
TOTAL for General Consumer Advertising: $6,000.00

The SRTCVB has put into place a tracking system will continue to define, refine and analyze data that will produce the most effective promotional tools and strategies for all of our advertising efforts. This will assist the SRTCVB in developing collaborative promotional strategies that market Idaho Falls as a tourist destination creating more room nights and benefiting the economy with an increase in tourism revenue.

ITC Requested:  $86,000.00    Total Match:  $10,250.00    Total Cost:  $96,250.00

Element 5
Title: Website
The SRTCVB Internet objectives are to enhance, update and maintain our website information though the following areas:

a.) Production and design changes $5,000.00
b.) Maintenance $ 2,500.00
c.) Social media weekly updating $7,020.00
d.) Video production for online viewing $5,000
e.) Hosting and domain name registration $315.00

During the ICORT meetings there was a strong emphasis on social media and entering into meaningful dialogue with visitors and potential visitors. This requests provides the funding to have weekly updating of the CVB's social media links.

Another topic at ICORT was that people making a decision on a destination like to see videos of what is available. The request for video production allows SRTCVB to begin showing people what is available.

ITC Requested:  $15,335.00    Total Match:  $0.00    Total Cost:  $15,335.00

*Element detail is generated automatically based on information provided in the application. Audit costs must be included in your budget proposal if the ITC grant award total is $100,000.00 or more. (An Audit may be required at the discretion of the ITC, if ITC funding is less that $100,00.00). Audits are exempt from match requirements.

ElementTotal Project CostMatching ShareITC Grant Request
1) Audit$3,000.00$0.00$3,000.00
2) Admin/Fulfillment$11,324.00$0.00$11,324.00
3) Industry Marketplace/Professional Development$17,250.00$5,350.00$11,900.00
4) Advertising$96,250.00$10,250.00$86,000.00
5) Website$15,335.00$0.00$15,335.00

It is hereby mutually agreed upon and understood the use of these funds will be for the purposes stated in this document only and are subject to, and will comply with, the terms of the current rules & guidelines of the Idaho Regional Travel and Convension Grant Program, Idaho Dept. of Commerce, as signed by the authorized individuals.

Appropriate credit logos must appear on all plans funded by the ITC for reimbursement. Refer to IDAPA

The total of cash match should meet or exceed the total match obligation.

The organization has received cash match commitment from the organizations listed below. Written letters of cash match commitment are stored by the organization and available for review.

ContributorCash Match
(12.5% of Match obligation)
Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce$10,600.00
Museum of Idaho$5,000.00